I take a walk and I take my camera with me in case I find something interesting. I find a puddle, which is nothing special, but I decide to take a picture of it. Later, I’m at home already, scrolling through the pictures, I find this picture and it takes me a few seconds to recognize what’s in the picture. I decide to make this a black and white photo, because this will underline the scructures and textures. I show this picture in a stack with many others to different people, and every time they stop at this picture, look at it, recognize it and smile while telling me, that they like this one the best. So here it is. Just a puddle.


16mm f3.5 ISO 100 S 1/40

I think it does matter what’s in the picture but also think that often we just guess what looks good or bad and even though, we’re totally wrong we trust in ourselves. It’s true, that a puddle is boring, but when it comes to photography a puddle is not just a puddle. It’s water, reflections, dirt, textures, shadows, light and shapes. This applies for every situation. The first thing you have to learn, is to start seeing things how they realy are.

For more pictures check out my account  on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/photo_alpha/





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