I decide to go take some pictures around my neighborhood. Mona is excited as soon as she sees me getting her leash. She’ll come with me. We go the standard route to the forest. While I’m taking the first test shot, she is chasing a rabbit already but, since she is not fast enough, she gives up quickly.

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The sky is grey which makes the greens and browns in the forest pale and boring. I had decided to take a tripod and two lenses: the Porst 50mm f1.7 and Sony’s kit lens a 16-50mm f3.5. I start off with the Porst lens but the first pictures are frustrating. There is nothing interesting around me even though I try my best to relax and look for things that are not visible right away. Nothing.

1With Lightroom I was able to bring back some colors. 50mm f5.6 ISO 100 S 1.3

Lots of ferns but same thing here, Lightroom fixed it. 50mm f5.6 ISO 100 S 1/103

50mm f1.7 ISO 100 S 1/320

I just leave the forest and walk till I reach a field. That is more interesting! The sky is still grey but that forms a nice contrast to the field. Gold and bluish grey. Expose for the sky because I do not want it to burn out. I change to the kit lens to take more pictures without having to focus manually all the time. I’m using the lightmeter. There is enough light to stay at ISO 100 and a shutter speed of 1/200. In the field, I find some flowers but nothing special.

My favorite of today. 50mm f1.7 ISO 100 S 1/1600

Good old railroad. I like how the curve leads into the forest. 50mm f5.6 ISO 100 S 1/135

16mm f3.5 ISO 100 S 1/25

When I look at the taken pictures on my LCD screen of my Sony A6000 , I am not satisfied at all. Stupid weather, stupid walk, stupid camera. I just walk back to my house, put the pictures on my laptop and scroll through them. Maybe they are not as bad as I thought. I write this text first, then I pick some of the images to edit them in Adobe Lightroom.




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