This Sigma 28mm f2.8 looks professional, the picture don’t. I’m going to sell this one, because the pictures are too soft and blurry.














This Pentax 50mm f2.0 was my first old lense. I bought it for 8 bucks at thriftshop and it was worth it!











This Canon FD 50mm f1.8 prime is nice to have and costs about 25 bucks.













This Canon FD 50mm f1.4 is an excellent lense. It’s fast (=bright), sharp work just fine. I got it in a bundle for 50 – usually it is around 80 to 100 bucks. If you find a cheap one, buy it!










This Porst 35mm f2.8 suprised me. I expected a low quality lens but this lense is tottaly fine. It’s sharp and the focus ring is very nice to work with. I paid 15 buck for a bundle wth this one and a Post 50mm f1.8 which is almost as good as a Canon FD for around 15 bucks.










This is a kit-lense that I bought with my Sony Alpha 6000. It’s always good to have 16mm with you. The maximum aperture of f3.5 is quite small but good enough. It’s alright as a kit-lense